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MOORE, Okla. – Help from all over the world keeps flooding in for the victims of Oklahoma tornadoes.

Tuesday’s help came from Missouri and meant the world to one family who lost everything.

“He loves balls, he loves them,” Meagan Brantley said of her 3-year-old son Kaden. “He had a room literally full of balls. His roof completely collapsed so every thing in it is covered so…”

For Meagan, getting a new bouncy ball for him is a good start to recovering everything her family lost in the tornado.

“We all rode it out,” she said. “There were six of us and two babies in a storm shelter.”

Meagan and her family are staying with her mom, Pam, as they work to rebuild their house.

They came to Oakcrest Church of Christ to get supplies for Kaden and little brother Kason.

The latest donations are from the city of St. Louis, spearheaded by Mayor Francis Slay, with help from Oklahoma native Sam Bradford.

“He’s an Oklahoma boy,” Scott Snowden said. “He cares about Oklahomans and it’s obvious from this effort that he’s helping lead their in St. Louis that he wants to help.”

Each item from St. Louis, whether it’s baby food or clothes, has a sticker on it with the hash tag “STL4OKC” to show their support.

The support from the people of St. Louis is making a world of difference to families struggling to forget the horrors they lived through last week.

“[Kaiden] has been having a few little nightmares about hearing the tornado,” Pam Andrews said.

Meagan considers her family one of the lucky ones.

They may have lost their house but they still have each other.

“It’s a blessing,” she said.

“Through all this, God is still so good,” Pam said. “We truly believe that. We’re blessed. We’re blessed.”

The items at Oakcrest Church of Christ are available for any tornado victim, completely free.

So many donations have come in that they can’t fit them all in the gym and have had to start storing some of them in the church.

For more information on how you can get help, or how you can donate, visit