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OKLAHOMA CITY — Michael Carrier, President of Oklahoma City Visitors Bureau, said millions of dollars are spent in the metro each day.

“This past weekend alone there’s been about $6.5 to $7 million a day in direct spending in Oklahoma City with all of the events going on.”

The main event right now is the Thunder playoffs; every bite, every drink and every night in a hotel adds up.

Charles Stout, co-owner of Bricktown Brewery, said, “Every time the playoffs come, we see the dollar impact right away.”

Stout said this year, profits from the playoffs have been overflowing like his beer.

“People are staying longer and more people are coming out so without a doubt it has an impact 5, 6 or 10 fold,” Stout said.

Tom Anderson, Special Projects Manager with Oklahoma City, said the Thunder is major business.

Destination Marketing Association International estimates every in-town person spends about $65 on game days and out-of-towners, or a person who travels over 60 miles, spends about $216.

“The direct spending associated with the attendance of the games is in excess of $50 million.”

Anderson said there’s also the national and international impact that can’t be measured with a dollar sign.

The Thunder blog shows pictures of a fan in Italy, Rumble hanging out in Venice and another fan looking at the Mona Lisa while sporting a Kevin Durant jersey.