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No one knows if or when Andre Roberson will play in the NBA again, but it won’t be anytime soon.

The Thunder announced Tuesday that Roberson will leave the Thunder to rehab out in Los Angeles in the hopes of a fresh approach to his rehabilitation.

Billy Donovan gave a sobering update during practice about Roberson’s recovery saying, “He cannot play because of the discomfort in his knee. He wants to try to do everything he can and that’s why he’s removing himself from the team. I think our medical staff worked incredibly hard, i think they’re an unbelievable group of people. Andre’s an unbelievable guy. It was a really difficult injury, it was a challenging injury, he had some setbacks last year. We thought we were on a really good track, but he has not been able to get over the hump for himself as it relates to his discomfort that he feels comfortable out there playing.”

Donovan added at practice that there hasn’t been any new setbacks, no surgeries are planned at this point.

Roberson suffered a ruptured patellar tendon against the Pistons on January 27th of 2018. He’s had to other surgeries to try and get back on the floor which the Thunder called setbacks.

Roberson is in the final year of a three year, 30 million dollar deal.