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As expected Thunder forward Patrick Patterson focuses in on another game, and aims his attention at the rim.

You may not expect that movies jumped into his life from an early age.

“For me it’s just a way to break from reality,” Patterson said.  “Yea I love my life.  I’m very happy with my life, I’m very blessed but I love to look at other people’s lives, and just wonder what if.  And that’s what movies allow me to do.”

Prior to posting up in Oklahoma City the Toronto raptors and Patterson put together ‘Pat Presents’, creating a way for him to connect with the community.

“We were just trying to brainstorm ideas about what I could do, because I want to interact with fans and hang out with them outside the court,” Patterson said.  “Someone was like you love movies, so let’s do something with movies.  I contacted my agency, they contacted people in the movie industry and thus ‘Pat Presents’ was born.”

So how’s it work?

Patterson puts out an announcement on social media, and then Patrick picks from fans who write back.

They then get to see a private pre-screening of a movie with the man himself.

“It’s been nothing but positive feedback,” Patterson said.  “The fans seem to enjoy, it they get an opportunity to not only see a movie before it comes out but also hang out with us.  Be able to engage, and talk with us see us outside the basketball world.”

Patterson takes time to visit with each fan after ‘Pat Presents’.

Making for some surprises along the way.

“A lot of them have interesting stories,” Patterson said.  “A lot of them travel from far away.  Some one the last time I did this actually traveled from about five hours away, and had to get a baby sitter last minute.  So it’s always interesting the stories that they tell.”

One fan who took time with the Thunder big man was Anadarko elementary school teacher, Zachary House.

House had Patterson put together a message for his students.

Making him a popular person back around town.

“He took a little selfie of himself, and said East Grade work hard, listen to your teachers and the kids really stepped up,” House said.  “They just thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I don’t get retweeted too often, but it’s been shared around time and time again, so it was really awesome.”

Patterson said his mother first fascinated him with movies, and that his fondness for flicks grew from there.

Patrick says there’s only one genre he won’t see, rom-coms, and added he prefers action, suspense and thriller type movies.

With that said, I had to ask, who plays Patrick Patterson in his own movie?

“Oh that’s easy, Idris Elba,” Patterson said.  “I’m a big Idris Elba fan since he did ‘The Wire’.  Of course maybe Denzel, of course, because he’s Denzel.  It’s hard not to go with Denzel, but right now probably Idris Elba.”