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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – This has been a year of finding ways to improvise to make our favorite hobbies socially distant, and that’s what one group of fitness instructors has been doing to serve the community. 

In September of 2019, one building on the Metro Tech campus was rocking with fitness classes that were fun but challenging.

That is until March of 2020 – when the pandemic hit and the music stopped. 

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An exciting fitness class on the Metro Tech campus.

COVID-19 left leader Valerie McMurry with no choice but to call off the beloved classes on the city’s east side where gyms are few and far between.  

“It was very challenging, very disappointing because as you may have seen when you’ve come down before,” she told News 4. “It’s a lot of women who believe in unity and community. So without that support, it was really, really hard.”

They moved classes online, but not without trouble. 

“We tried to get videos up on Youtube but we ran into some challenges with impeding on the music and we just decided it was too complicated,” McMurry said.

So they turned to Zoom, but that took time – getting the team and enrollment sign-ups ready. 

In the meantime, Metro Tech partnered up with local organizations to help keep people moving on the city’s east side. 

“So we’re all working together to ensure not just because of Metro Tech but everyone on the East Side can actually participate in zoo activities and the Remington Activities so we’ve just kind of built this one big family over here on the east side,” McMurry said.

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Valerie McMurry

Now, the Zoom program is up and running with as many as 60 people at one time – taking part in classes ranging from lunchbreaks to evenings. 

“So even if you’re at home with your partner – we have swing dance dinner party classes,” said McMurry.

The classes are focusing on fitness and fun in a time where both are needed desperately. 

The classes are free and there are some for kids. You can sign up here.

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