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OKLAHOMA CITY – A group of teens is changing the narrative in their northeast Oklahoma City community through a lawn care service, which includes mostly volunteer work.

“It’s been a good process for us to learn the meaning of hard work,” 16-year-old Jordan Jones told News 4.

Jordan and her two young brothers, Elijah and Erick Jones, are changing the narrative in their JKF neighborhood with their company Jones Lawn Care.

“We started our first year with just one mower, a weed eater, we had a blower,” Erick Jones said.

That was back in 2013. Since then, they’ve grown tremendously by recruiting other teens to join their team.

They give back to some, like the elderly and less fortunate in their community, by donating their time and work for free. However, they now also have some paying customers.

“They approached me and just kind of said, we’re starting this and I volunteered, definitely, to be one of the first clients. So, I think I’m probably the first, or the original, client,” Nathan Williams, a paying customer, said.

Williams said what’s impressed him the most over the years is while their dad oversees, they run the company, for the most part, all on their own.

“So, you have a CEO, you have a CFO. They invoice, they can do estimates through Google Earth,” Williams said.

Each year, the group even choose a charity to donate a portion of their proceeds to.

In 2016, they won the Neighborhood Alliance of Central OK’s “Scout Finch” Award for youth community service.

“My favorite part about doing it is, it kind of gives you some freedom, because you don’t have to always rely on your parents to get you stuff, and I also like helping other people out,” Elijah Jones told News 4.

The Jones siblings said they also enjoy inspiring the nine other young volunteers they’ve recruited to dream big and give back.

“We want them to develop their own little lawn care business and get as big as us. That’s what we’re trying to do and we’re trying to develop their work ethic as well,” Erick Jones said.

For more information about Jones Lawn Care, click here.

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