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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Hundreds gathered at Timber Creek Church in Norman Wednesday to hear a message from lead Pastor at Antioch Community Church, Clarence Hill and to join a safe space for people to ask questions and have difficult discussions.

“The bible that I was reading told me that skin color didn’t matter at this point,” said Pastor Hill. 

One main message he wanted to get across was unity through faith. 

“We are further along and walking together. We agree on more things than we think, but there are some real areas that are painful that we need to resolve,” he said. “How bad do we want to be one?”

He’s hoping to reach all Oklahomans. 

“We have police, we have business leaders, we have everyday citizens of Norman and Moore, who are committed to seeing a different narrative than the divisive narrative that’s dominating right now,” said Hill. 

He honed in on values like love as the driving force of change. 

“I believe that force should be love and unity, unless we do that nothing’s going to change,” said attendee Leslie Christopher. 

Lead Pastor at Timber Creek Church Josh Mings says they were honored to host. 

“I think our city is chalked full of people who want to do the right thing. We’re Oklahoma.  When crisis hits… we come together,” said Pastor Josh Mings. 

About 200 people signed up for Wednesday’s event, which brought many of the attendees hope. 

“We believe that things can change, if we all are intentional about the decision to come together and to be unified.” 

“You can’t force people to act right, but you can give them the love of God and there might be a change in their heart,” said Samuel Woodfork. 

Ultimately, leaning on their faith to guide them. 

“When we come into Christ all ethnic division stops,” said Pastor Hill. 

Temperatures were taken before anyone was allowed into the church. 

Pastor Hill and Timber Creek plan to have future discussions like this one. 

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