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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Any area where people live can be defined as a community, but communities are strongest when those people are connected.

That’s the goal of the Northeast Oklahoma City Neighborhood Coalition – fostering conversations and the change they’d like to see in their community. 

“Information is power, you know, if you don’t have the information that you need, you can’t make the correct decision,” Denyvetta Davis, President of the NE OKC Neighborhood Coalition told News 4.

Davis wants that power in the hands of her fellow Northeast Oklahoma City residents.

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So that’s why she and other neighborhood association presidents came together in 2020 to form the NE OKC Neighborhood Coalition.

“For so long we have been forgotten,” Davis said. “Things have just happened in our neighborhood. We didn’t have a say and so now we do.”

The coalition has now grown from four to fifteen neighborhoods – all of them sharing what’s going on in their community and what they want to see happen next.

“Improving the quality of life, being involved, engaged,” Davis said. “One neighbor who had had some issues with birds. There was a house full of birds that we talked about that and how we might help with that, another with some building issues, development issues.”

In recent years – a lot of development has happened in their neighborhoods.

“The new grocery store, you know, and the new wellness center that’s that’s coming up, you know, what’s going on 10th Street with the new center and the golf course facility,” said Davis. 

While Davis says that’s exciting – it’s just a start.

“I were to get my shoes repaired, I have to go to a Midwest City or somewhere else,” said Davis. “We have to leave our community. We want to dollars to stay within our community.”

They are striving for one thing. 

“Safe, healthy and flourishing neighborhoods,” said Davis. 

The coalition meets the second Thursday of each month at 10 am via Zoom. For more information, click here.