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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A former University of Oklahoma football player and pastor in the Northeast Oklahoma City community is releasing a new book.  

The book is called, “Things I Think You Ought to Know, From a Father to a Son.”

Author, Michael McDaniel, says the book is filled with stories from his time as an athlete and lessons he hopes to share with the next generation.  

It’s dedicated to his sons, but McDaniel says the book is for all men.  

“There’s no real book on being a parent, so I just wanted to put some things in writing for my sons,” he said.  

McDaniel says his life has been filled with lessons, starting in his younger years as a college athlete.  

“When I graduated high school in 1992, I was the only parade all American in the state of Oklahoma. I was ultimately an academic casualty. Nothing with a t I got along with, ACT, SAT,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel was raised in a single-parent household and says he struggled academically. Through his struggles with his studies, McDaniel thrived outside of the classroom.  

He played wide receiver for the Sooners and would go on to play for the San Francisco 49’ers.  

McDaniel is now the pastor of Northeast Missionay Baptist Church and has three children of his own.  

“I share some principles in there such as learn how to say I’m sorry…Other principles in there are to be present. A lot of times we are in attendance but we are not always present, we are not really gleaning and capturing all that we can,” he said.  

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McDaniel hopes his book can be his way of giving back.  

“So many people have poured into me in my life and I just want to help pour into some other young man’s life,” he said.

You can purchase the book here.

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