EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) — Chilly Georgia rain can’t dampen the warmth of this ceremony for American hero army Sgt. First Class Ryan Davis.

The occasion, honoring Ryan and his family with a new, mortgage free smart home from the Gary Sinise Foundation.

“Ryan, I’m so glad you are here today about to begin this new chapter in your life. I’ll look forward to a time in the future when I can come and visit, take a tour of your new home and personally thank you for all you’ve sacrificed” says actor and philanthropist Gary Sinise.

Ryan grew up here in the metro, in Edmond, where he met his wife, Asia. He joined the army in 2012 and quickly rose through the ranks landing in the elite 75th Ranger Division of special forces.

On August 16, 2019, Ryan was gravely injured in an explosion during a firefight in Afghanistan. His wife was later told he had a 15 percent chance of living. Ryan survived a 20-hour flight to an army hospital in Texas. He was later awarded the purple heart by then President Donald Trump.

“He lost a leg, he lost an arm, Ryan, he had tremendous damage,” said the former President. Ryan eventually lost both legs and an arm and has endured dozens of surgeries.

“Being able to get up underneath the sink and the stovetop, this is going to change the game right here” says Ryan as he moves through his new smart home.

The new house makes the little things, many take for granted, easier for Ryan. Like bedtime with their son, Knox. 

“Enough physical room to get a wheelchair next to the bed so I don’t have to stand at the end of the bed to say my prayers with my kid anymore. I can go next to him like everyone else does.”

Everything is custom, adapted to Ryan’s special needs. Besides being so incredibly functional, the smart house offers peace of mind for his family.

“It’s really special to her” says Ryan. “Asia can do whatever she wants to now and not worry about me risking too much or doing something that would be dangerous. She can freely go about her day now it’s not glooming or haunting her in the back of her mind when she goes out.”

Many Oklahomans have been on this journey with Ryan, giving resources and prayers and Ryan has a message for all of them.

“All those prayers, all those charitable events you guys put on for me when I was in a really tough time was a really blessing to the family and I’m thankful for the people that I came from and I’m thankful the place I come from so I got you guys with me,” says Ryan.  “Everywhere I go, I promise you that much, there is an Oklahoman in there running around.”

Ryan’s journey of recovery continues, built on faith and a foundation of family.