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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – “There are a lot of people in the military I watched lying in the bed of the hospital that were separated from their loved ones because they didn’t want to play the game of taking care of that veteran anymore. And it hurts.”

Powerful words from veteran Scott Adams, a career military man who had six tours of duty in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq, and then spent 18 months in a hospital for wounds he received from an improvised explosive device in combat.

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Scott Adams

But Scott and fellow wounded warrior Maggie Bilyeu, who lost her left leg and suffered serious internal injuries after a suicide bomber attack in Afghanistan, now know people do care…a LOT.

Scott and Maggie just received new Ford F-150 pickup trucks paid for by the Wounded Warrior Family Support organization with help from Microsoft employees. The trucks are specially modified to fit their needs as wounded vets.

The trucks were driven to Scott and Maggie in Texas by Bill Bradford and Curtis Green, both members of Wounded Warriors Family Support and both with their own family heritage of protecting our country.

“Our vehicles all carry a purple heart,” Bill told us after making a stop at KFOR studios. “My father earned his in Korea. My father-in-law was a World War II POW who got shot down over Germany and they literally shot his parachute out of a tree.”

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Maggie Bilyeu

Curtis talked about the men and women who answered the call to duty. “A lot of people volunteered for it that didn’t have to volunteer for it, and they gave a lot. A lot of them gave their lives and some of them gave other things besides their lives, but it will affect them for the rest of their life.”

When Bill and Curtis delivered the trucks, and the organization handed the keys over the Maggie and Scott, it was a mission accomplished, and the wounded vets couldn’t have been more thankful and happy.

“I know it’s going to change my life, and I will definitely get some good use outta the truck. And I know Millie will too,” Maggie said with a grin as she motioned to her dog, who goes everywhere with her.

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The specially-modified Ford F-150 pickups Scott and Maggie received.

“I cannot thank all of you enough,” Scott told the group that gathered to watch the truck presentation. “You are amazing, wonderful. Anything I can do to help you in return, because I believe in giving back. Don’t be hesitant to call me because I’ll be the first person on your doorstep. So, thank you.”

And thank you to Maggie and Scott for their service and sacrifice to our country.