Spring is the time when many days feature many severe weather ingredients in the state of Oklahoma. We often have a lot of instability (fuel for storms), many fronts and boundaries, and lots of jet stream support.

The way things are shaping up for Friday, we will have almost all ingredients for some very large hail, winds, and tornadoes, but a little nose of warm air a few thousand feet up may keep that from happening. We are talking about the “cap”.

This cap keeps storms from actually growing and flourishing in a rich environment, however that may not be allowed to happen. Now, several things help, drylines converge wind, and upper level troughs can be the jump-start storms need; these are all (slight) possibilities for seeing a couple nasty storms on Friday.

We will be watching the space between Hwy 81 and I35 very closely late Friday afternoon into Friday evening.

Anyone that is west of the dryline will experience extremely critical fire concerns! Be careful as winds in these low humidity areas whip over 40mph!

Stay tuned and weather aware!

-Meteorologist Aaron Brackett