Long range jet stream forecast shows early Spring Like weather pattern. This means t’storm chances could be going up next week!

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If you believe this long range jet stream weather model forecast an early Spring Like weather pattern could be developing relatively soon! Most of the weather guidance is trending this way so it’s something we need to watch closely.  As you can see the the strongest winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere ( Jet Stream ) are predicted to be flowing right across the southern United States and over Oklahoma by next week.  This pattern could bring gradually higher levels of low level moisture from the Gulf Coast northward toward Oklahoma.  At the same time low pressure disturbances in the jet stream flow moving east across Oklahoma could trigger t’storms.  This pattern isn’t unusual at all for this time of year.  As I was taught in OU Meteorology school long ago that our severe weather season in Oklahoma starts roughly March 15 and runs thru about June 15.  Stay tuned to the weather folks!

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