OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – As severe storms moved into Oklahoma, Chief Meteorologist Mike Morgan reported at least two tornadoes.

These would be the first of several possible tornadoes Sunday night.

The first happened near Hollis.

The second possible tornado happened near northwest Hobart.


The Office of Emergency Management recommends people should shelter-in-place during tornado warnings. Oklahoma City does not have public storm shelters.

Shelter-in-place means to take shelter where you are and remain inside your home, workplace or nearby buildings.

Take shelter in a closet, interior hallway or other interior room with no windows on the lowest level of the house or building. Put on a helmet if you have one, and wear sturdy shoes in case you later have to walk through debris.

People who live in trailers or manufactured homes should have a plan to seek shelter in a well-constructed building nearby.

People who live on upper levels of apartment buildings should seek shelter with a neighbor in an apartment on the lowest level.

Plan ahead to be in a safe place before storms arrive.

The best way to protect yourself from tornadoes at home is to install a safe room or below-ground storm shelter.

If you hear a siren, immediately take shelter and get more information about the storm.