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After the Record-Breaking snowfall Monday morning, I decided to crunch the numbers on Oklahoma snowfall.

Here is what I found:

Dating back to the Winter of 1892, the average first measurable snowfall for Oklahoma City is December 17th.

Fun Fact: It has only snowed 4 times in Oklahoma City on Christmas Day (8 times on Christmas Eve).

The average first day with at least 1″ of snowfall in Oklahoma City is January 1st.

Oklahoma City averages 8″ of snow annually (2″ in December, 3″ in January, 2″ in February and 1″ in March).

Our daily snowfall record is 13.5″ set during the Christmas Eve Blizzard of 2009.

A lot of our viewers were excited about the early snowfall we saw this week. The earliest snowfall on record in Oklahoma City is October 26th, set in 1913.

We have also seen it snow well into Spring. The record for latest snowfall in Oklahoma City was set on April 14, 1953.

The wet weather we saw from August into October bodes well for a lot of snowfall. Every time Oklahoma City had 20″+ of rain during that span, the following Winter had at least 20″ of snow.

We’ll see if that trend holds this Winter.

We’ll keep you 4Warned.