The 4Warn Storm Team presents – TORNADO WEEK

If you’ve been in Oklahoma for just a short time or all your life, chances are you’ve experienced a tornado in some form. Whether it was watching live 4Warn coverage on television or getting a little to close for comfort with a funnel cloud, the 4Warn team wants to keep you informed and safe during this rather turbulent time of year, weather-wise.

We have assembled a collection of stories and associated videos from many recent tornado events around Oklahoma. To visit this collection (warning; block off some time for this), visit this link. This link works on most smartphones, too.

It would not be Tornado Week without a complete slideshow of images taken and used by the 4Warn Storm Team as well as viewers around Oklahoma who send us thousands of images whenever we experience a tornado in Oklahoma. Enjoy the slideshow!

In April 2013, the 4Warn Storm Team introduced the newest member of the team: professional storm and tornado chaser and reporter Reed Timmer (here are Reed’s Facebook and Twitter pages). Reed’s impeccable meteorology credentials and experience make him a very valued member of the 4Warn Storm Team. More on Reed and “Dominator 4” – the ultimate storm and tornado tracking vehicle – are below.

4Warn Dominator